Azimut advisory services: independence and innovation in managing your assets


A Global Services Model

Our main strength lies in having built a global services model with a solid foundation, which can be adapted to the regulations and characteristics of clients in the various countries where the Group's distribution centers are located.
Where our know-how does not reach, we establish distribution agreements with the best global players in the industry.

Our global advisory model

Management and distribution all-in-one
Identifying and developing investment solutions comes from constant dialogue between Portfolio managers and financial advisors. This unique advisory model of the Azimut Group is created through the synergy between Wealth Management distribution and Global Team management centers.

Our global advisory model

A Global Team that is always there for you
The presence of our managers in the various markets means that our advisors can provide their customers with up-to-date and certified information on products and markets, both domestic and foreign. This gives our distribution centers access to a truly global observatory using direct information sources.

Our global advisory model

Ecosystem with a common purpose
The Azimut Group's corporate structure is designed to uphold its independence from large banking, insurance, and industrial groups. Its Financial Advisors, Senior Managers, and Asset Managers collectively represent the Group's largest shareholder, ensuring a strong foundation of autonomy.

Our global advisory model

Provide the most optimal solutions to our clients
Independence is the cornerstone of our model that empowers our Financial Advisors to unconditionally provide the best solutions, always acting in the best interests of their clients and the Group.

Our global advisory model

Breadth, innovation and exclusivity at the heart of the offering
Innovation and breadth drive the development and updating of our offerings, encompassing financial instruments across all asset classes in public and private markets, digital asset funds, unit-linked and private insurance products, private pension funds, and asset management services. When our expertise reaches its limits, we establish distribution agreements with industry-leading global players.

The value of our Advisor network

Experienced Advisors within their respective territories

Our financial advisors are seasoned professionals with extensive experience in asset management. They have chosen Azimut for its comprehensive and cutting-edge international product and service platform. As a partner, they actively contribute to the development of our offerings while collaborating closely with our asset managers from the Global Team.

We are the ideal partner for both private and institutional customers, providing unparalleled support in their financial journey.

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Wealth Managers: indispensable professionals in wealth management

Our Wealth Managers adopt a methodical and rational approach to financial planning.

Portfolios are built from the outset around shared objectives, establishing a clear path with the customer to be followed in a disciplined manner. Only by adopting this approach can we make the best decisions and increase the likelihood of achieving the set objectives.

At the client’s request or when the situation demands it, our wealth manager makes necessary adjustments to the portfolios annually. This ensures that the strategy, jointly defined with the customer, remains flexible and responsive to their changing needs and circumstances.

Whether it is planning for retirement, saving for education, tax efficiency, building an inheritance or a generational transition, our Wealth Managers will help you prioritise your goals and create a customised financial plan to get you where you want to be.


Growing/starting a career

Managing personal finances.
Starting to build on one's first savings to turn them into a solid basis for the future.


Loans, taxes and changes in outlook.
New needs, with a longer-term perspective, require appropriate financial and insurance solutions.

Career/business development

Improving your position and business.
Changes in employment and income may require support to maximise benefits, including tax benefits. For those running a business, having a partner who can understand organisational, structural and financial needs and support them is an advantage.


Protecting assets.
Understanding and analysing one's own retirement contribution history will help one enjoy a peaceful present and future that live up to the expectations and goals set over the years.

Succession/ inheritance

Planning the impact of your assets on a future inheritance.
Having a comprehensive view of all the assets one has is essential for understanding the economic and tax effects of one's assets on the intestate and testamentary inheritance.


Training and information as pillars of our model

Azimut Wealth Managers, continuously updated and trained, possess the expertise to meet diverse life needs: individual, family, and business.

Specialization courses equip them with specific awareness and expertise to integrate traditional asset classes with emerging ones, including private markets and digital assets.

Our advisory model fully utilizes the seamless integration between management centers and distribution centers. It's not just asset management; it's an advisory model harnessing the expertise of an international Group.

Institutional Advisors: specialists in exclusive strategies for institutional customers

Azimut professionals dedicated to Institutional customers are chosen for their extensive experience and skills in managing particularly demanding requirements in terms of both asset size and complexity.
The team supports the customer at every stage of value creation: customised commercial agreements are defined and managed for the distribution of products and services at an international level, thanks to managers who are located on all continents and in the main global markets.

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