Azimut: security and protection with absolute flexibility


Security and investments for the future

When it comes to planning and protection for the future, Azimut offers a broad and diversified range of financial insurance solutions.

Our approach includes different management strategies that are designed to ensure maximum flexibility and personalisation over time.

We offer a wide range of insurance policies tailored to each client's individual needs. This allows them to capitalize on opportunities provided by regulations and optimize the tax aspects related to managing their assets within the policy, in addition to the capital aspects of insurance.

Our insurance products

Private Insurance

Azimut Group's Private Insurance products are non-standardised and personalised financial policies, offering a low and accessible entry threshold. Our main focus is on providing maximum protection for both beneficiaries and assets, catering to the immediate, future, personal, and family needs of our valued customer-investors.

Unit Linked Insurance Plans

Azimut provides Unit-Linked policies where customer premiums are invested in underlying assets through internal funds. The value of these assets forms the basis for the customer's return in case of redemption. Our innovative policies offer a unique synergy, combining the benefits of a financial investment with those of insurance products. Moreover, you have the flexibility to choose between starting with a minimal lump sum or making a larger initial investment right from the beginning.

Optional coverage

Azimut policies can be supplemented by various types of optional coverage to personalise and strengthen the insurance component

Optional coverage can be activated at any time including on existing policies, can be taken out individually or in combination, and the coverage varies depending on the age of the insured.
Activable at any time