Azimut's commitment to a more sustainable world



Investing in the future to ensure long-term sustainability

Azimut recognises that the integration of ESG criteria into investment processes is a necessity and a value capable of having a positive impact on the world. That is why Environmental (Environment), Social (Social) objectives are defined and investments in companies that adopt sound corporate governance and organisation policies (Governance) are prioritized.

Furthermore, to monitor and mitigate its environmental impact and analyse the related risks and opportunities, in 2019, Azimut became a signatory of the CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project) with the status of investor signatory and, since 2020 it has participated in the completion of the climate change questionnaire.

Thanks to these commitments with the CDP, a non-profit association that offers companies and countries a system to measure, detect, manage and share information on climate change globally, the Group will become increasingly aware of how it directly and indirectly impacts the environment and will better understand the repercussions of climate change on the current and future business model.

Azimut now offers a range of "sustainable" products, which promote environmental or social characteristics and may also have commitment to realize sustainable investments, aimed at customers who seek to reap the benefits of complying with these criteria, which are also set out in the Charter of Values.

Innovation Card

Encourage an environment that spurs innovation both in the products offered and in the relevant business processes.

Liberty Card

Foster an environment that is unencumbered by external influences and where everyone is free to communicate and perform their activities.

Equity Card

Establishing a quality relationship with customers, employees and shareholders, responding to their diverse needs.

Transparency Card

Encourage transparent communication to stakeholders, maximising customer satisfaction.

Loyalty Card

Establish loyal relationships by strengthening the Group's reputation and the long-term sustainability of the business.

Sustainability Card

Encourage the sustainable development of the economy through an investment approach that considers ESG variables.

Trust Card

Maintain trustworthy relations, both between the people of the Group and external stakeholders.



The focus on environmental sustainability and climate change is now of common sensibility and applies to both managers when selecting the investments of the portfolios of the products, and employees’ daily activities and in the management of the direct impacts of daily business activities.
This is why Azimut chose to support the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project), which represents an important opportunity to transparently communicate its environmental performance.
The approach focuses on the following areas:

Reducing direct impacts

Azimut implements processes and technologies aimed at reducing energy consumption and related greenhouse gas emissions in order to help mitigate climate change. It also monitors energy consumption and related emissions and paper consumption.

Reducing indirect impacts

Azimut recognises the importance of including ESG assessments in procurement processes and when selecting and qualifying suppliers, in order to integrate environmental, social and governance criteria. These aspects are also considered in the evaluation and selection of investment portfolios.
Sustainability Environmental
Sustainability Environmental



The Group's first fund, Azimut Solidarietà, was launched in Italy, allowing a portion of the returns earned by the fund to be donated to charity.


Azimut's network in the field of sustainability can be divided into partnerships with external entities and an internal Group ecosystem.