Azimut, international and independent, dedicated to serving clients

Our identity


Azimut is an independent group, a global organisation in Asset Management, Wealth Management, Investment Banking and Fintech, serving individuals and businesses. It is a public company listed on the Milan Stock Exchange, a market leader in Italy and it operates globally in 18 countries, with a focus on emerging markets.


Our corporate structure is based on an innovative model with a high degree of integration between asset management and distribution activities: this synergy represents an undeniable competitive advantage that has led us to be pioneers in the industry over the years. The result is an international platform of products and services covering all asset classes, offering instruments from both the public and private markets, with a range of products adapted to both the most demanding customers and the corporate world.

To enhance its focus on the business world, the Group has been diligently working on a project for several years, aiming to consolidate the offerings of the best European Fintech companies into a single digital marketplace.

The primary objective is to provide a viable alternative to traditional channels for both ordinary and extraordinary finance. Currently underway in Europe and Latin America, the project is slated for extension to other continents in the coming years.

"We adopt an active approach to management that combines public and private markets strategies and is matched by constant innovation in both investment solutions and technology."
Year of incorporation
Portfolio Managers and Analysts

Company culture

sezione aurea

The vision of a model focused on the future

Azimut concentrates on the challenges of the future, addressing them through the provision of efficient asset management and advisory solutions rooted in specialized, not generalist, expertise..

In addition to the proprietary international management platform developed over the years, Azimut has established numerous asset management and distribution agreements with leading players in the sector, operating at both individual country and global levels.

Our values

Providing tailor-made investment solutions with no external influence, responding solely to our customers' needs.
Always on the cutting edge, guaranteeing the best investment solutions given the current financial context.
Earning our clients' trust by consistently being present and reliable.
Our interests align with customer satisfaction, drawing on various areas to ensure it happens.
Focused on creating real value and continuously improving our skills.
Integrating ESG criteria into our corporate management and investment solutions for contributing to the planet's sustainable development.
Global presence
With decades of experience and in-depth local knowledge, our global presence generates value for our customers.
As a benchmark for financial partners, private bankers, and expert portfolio managers, we prioritize transparent communication to maximize customer satisfaction.

Our story


Azimut is established

The Management Buyout

that makes Azimut independent of banking, insurance or industrial groups

The listing

on the Milan Stock Exchange

The launch

of the innovative service model dedicated to Wealth Management

The inclusion

of the Azimut Holding share in the FTSE MIB index

The Group's international growth

expanding into Asia, the Middle East, America and Australia

International hub

in the area of alternative investments, with specialist asset management companies in the United States, Italy, Luxembourg, and Turkey

The internationalisation

and growth of Azimut Global Team continues organically in all emerging and new frontier countries