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Corporate & investment banking

The Azimut Group: a bridge between private individuals and the real economy

The rapid transformation of corporate business models, particularly as a result of the rapid pace of digitalisation, means that businesses now need to find innovative ways of raising capital to support them

With this in mind, the Azimut Group has made it its mission to redirect the patient capital that investors provide, through specialised platforms, towards top international enterprises, to generate attractive returns for investors while supporting the entrepreneurial fabric.

To do this, Azimut has created a global ecosystem of partnerships backed by expertise and capital that can be adapted to suit every phase of the business life cycle.

The phases of the business life cycle

Each phase of the business life cycle can be supported through a variety of investment instruments




Small Businesses

DevelopmentSmall Businesses

SMEs and Midcaps

ExpansionSMEs and Midcaps

Large Corporate

MaturityLarge Corporate

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Fintech solutions


Empowering Business with Digital innovation

Technology has become a key success factor in enabling businesses to quickly and cost-effectively access the ordinary and extraordinary finance services offered by fintech companies.

With specific reference to Fintech, the Azimut Group has for some years now been investing in the development of platforms that encompass and enable the activation of partnerships with the most diversified and specialised players that have embraced the Fintech model in their respective markets.
The Group has launched a digital platform dedicated to SMEs, to which it is possible to register free of charge in just a few minutes, and which allows access to a series of services intended to support daily business activities.

More flexible and faster digital solutions for businesses, such as:

1. Instant financing, international payments,
2. advances on invoices,
3. business accounts,
4. insurance and business advisory through artificial intelligence by leveraging the aggregation of current accounts in real time. All this with fully digital processes and at favourable conditions.

Azimut Marketplace is currently available in Italy as well as in Spain and Brazil, with an international expansion plan that will be strengthened even further in the coming years.