Azimut Global Team: An Unwavering presence in world markets

Our Global Team model

Over time, Azimut has developed a unique "global team" model, leveraging its presence in key global markets and emerging/frontier markets with significant growth potential. Our teams consist of highly diverse and skilled Portfolio Managers who complement each other with their diverse experiences, expertise, and management styles. Crucially, these teams comprise local professionals who possess an in-depth understanding of their respective local markets.

Throughout the years, our strong presence in major global financial markets has enabled us to establish a valuable network and form partnerships with a wide range of companies, spanning various sectors and fields of expertise. This distinctive characteristic provides us with a substantial competitive edge, allowing us to identify and capitalize on opportunities that traditional market players may not even consider.

All of these elements form the essence of the Azimut Global Team ecosystem

Public markets

An Italian model with a global perspective

Our investment opportunities in Public Markets

We have always offered our investors diversified and effective solutions that actively adapt to all market conditions.

Having professional managers on every continent, native to their market of reference, has empowered us to establish asset management hubs in Europe, Latin America, the United States, the Middle East and Asia. Spanning all continents, our Global Team has the means to always have and provide up-to-date information from the world's major financial markets.

Our operating model is based on four key pillars:


Cater to institutional and retail clients through a uniquely diversified and innovative offering


Proposee medium/long-term allocation strategies to our clients, we offer a highly diversified range of instruments through actively managed solutions in public markets


Be the benchmark for retail and institutional clients in the areas of Asset Management, Wealth Management, Investment Banking and Fintech


Maximise the integration of portfolio management and distribution through our global management team and a network of wealth managers based in our hubs around the world

Public Markets asset class

Fixed Income

Private markets

Valuable solutions for investors and companies

All Private Markets asset classes

Private Market solutions present a unique opportunity to invest in the real economy while supporting the growth and development of businesses.
These Private Markets funds offer return and value creation opportunities for savers, granting them access to financial products previously exclusive to institutional and professional investors. Such investments contribute to the growth of targeted companies, creating growth opportunities for them and generating returns for the savers who invested through various investment funds.
The Azimut Group stands as one of Europe's pioneers in democratizing this asset class. We firmly believe that Private Markets financial instruments play a crucial role in generating value when effectively allocating assets.
Our ultimate goal is to become a global benchmark in Private Markets investments. While we have already established ourselves as the leading alternative fund provider in Italy in terms of assets and offerings, our aspirations reach far beyond.
Since 2019, we have been successfully operating in the US, the most significant marketplace for Private Markets, forging valuable partnerships with leading operators across all alternative asset classes. Our vision involves further expansion into other continents and key markets that offer optimal opportunities for this type of investment offering.

Private Markets asset class

& Real Assets
Liquid Alternative
& Crypto Assets
Balanced Strategies
in Private Markets
Hybrid Public
& Private Strategies

Our global private markets ecosystem

Discretionary Portfolio Management

Portfolio Managers dedicated to achieving clients' investment objectives

Clearly defined mandates and objectives guide the best investment decisions at Azimut Group

For larger portfolios, we offer a Discretionary Portfolio Management service, providing a broad mandate and risk monitoring that empowers managers to operate dynamically. Customers benefit from flexibility in allocating their assets according to their preferences.

Subscribing to our Discretionary Portfolio Management service means entrusting investment decisions to professionals who, under a specific mandate, strive to achieve return objectives within the shared risk limits. Our investment platform showcases a range of core, thematic, and innovative strategies, all actively managed with a long-term perspective.

Token & digital assets

Research and Development in Digital Assets

Crypto assets, blockchain technology, and decentralized finance are areas where Azimut has achieved significant progress. Through strategic investments in innovative projects, we now embrace new and exciting scenarios in asset management

This technology offers rewarding experiences in terms of both liquidity and investment opportunities.

Thanks to the tokenization process enabled by blockchain technology, investments that were traditionally illiquid, such as those in private markets, can now achieve immediate transferability.

Azimut and tokenisation

In this regard, the Group has focused on exploring new ways of applying this technology in the field of financial instruments. From this, two significant projects have emerged:

The launch of AZIM, the first security token issued in partnership with Sygnum Bank ("Sygnum"), the world's first digital asset bank. AZIM is a financial instrument that digitally represents a portfolio of loans to Italian small and medium-sized enterprises.
The launch of a token with an underlying portfolio of loans to Italian SMEs. On the Allfunds platform, we have successfully launched the first tokenization of a closed-end fund, making it possible to trade the fund's units, now converted into digital tokens, before its expiry
The advantages of using tokens are significant:

  • Disintermediation resulting in lower costs and barriers to entry for users
  • Speed of transactions that can be automated through simplified processes
  • Transparency of transactions that are permanently recorded and verified by other users on the network
  • Democratisation of investments allowing more inclusive access for retail investors
  • Fractional ownership which allows for the exchange of parts of an asset