Azimut is an independent group, a global player in asset management, wealth management and investment banking, serving individuals, corporates and institutions

An international player in the world's major markets

An industry leader

The Azimut Group is a global player for retail and institutional clients in Asset Management, Wealth Management, Investment Banking and Fintech.

A global network

Thanks to our presence in the world's key financial markets, we have established partnerships with entities across a wide range of sectors and areas of expertise, building a highly valuable global network.

A global model

A unique and distinctive “global” model presents an exceptional opportunity to provide our clients with investment solutions that set us apart from other players in the industry

The strength of our model: integrated asset management and distribution hubs


With professional portfolio managers strategically positioned on every continent, we have successfully established Management Hubs in Europe, Latin America, the United States, the Middle East, and Asia. Our commitment to offering effective solutions is centered on emerging and new frontier markets, as well as Private Market funds.


This is how Azimut Wealth Managers create highly diversified portfolios that meet and adapt to the changing needs of institutional and retail clients, as well as the regulations and circumstances of the many countries where distribution centers are located.

A global advisory model with powerful synergy between asset management and distribution hubs

Investors: the heart of the Azimut Group

Events, financial statements, presentations and other useful content for the financial community.

Report and presentations

Financial statements and presentations available to the financial community

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News from the Azimut world

Updates, news and information from the Group.

Our commitment to a more sustainable future

An approach geared towards ensuring sustainability in processes and making a positive impact on th world.


The Group is focused on implementing processes and technologies to monitor and reduce energy consumption and related greenhouse gas emissions.


Our commitment to sustainability starts from within, through a dedicated Sustainability Committee and mandatory training for all employees on ESG issues.
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